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August 21 (Wed) / COEX Grand Ballroom 103

Keynote Speech
13:30~13:55 Speaker Tae-hyun LEE (Contents Alliance Platform Inc., CEO)
13:55~14:20 Speaker Fred CHONG (WebTVAsia, Founder/CEO)
Session 1. Analysis of the New Media Trends 2019
14:25~14:50 Speaker Sejung Marina CHOI (Korea University, Professor of School of Media & Communication)
Session 2. Strategy for the OTT Platform Business in the Age of Unlimited Competition over Content
15:00~15:50 Moderator Youngshin CHO (SKB, Vice President)
Panel HEEJOO LEE (Contents Alliance Platform Inc., COO of Platform Business Division)
Panel Taehoon PARK (Watcha. Inc., CEO)
Session 3. Future Prospects from the Perspective of Overseas OTT Providers
16:00~16:25 Speaker Henry FUNG (PCCW Media Group, Assistant Vice President of Business Development)
16:25~16:50 Speaker Tenshin TSUTSUMI (U-NEXT Co., Ltd., CEO)