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Sept 5th-6th (Wed/Thur) September 6th (Thur) September 7h (Fri)
Coex Hall B Section Coex Conference Room 201~202 Coex Conference Room 203 Coex Hall B
New Media
10:30~10:40 Opening Ceremony Kkong TV by Byung Gi Kim
Soccer Broadcasting & Fan Meeting(Inside Pavilion)
10:40~11:20 2018 New Media Content Award Ceremony
(MC-Announcer, A-Young Shin, Great Library / Performance–Monday Kidz)
·Excellence Award(Drama, Entertainment, Documentary)
·Special Award(Media Broadcaster, Creator) 6 Total)
11:20~12:00 Keynote Speech <New Content, New Stream> New Media
Keynote Speech 1. OTT, Innovative transformation in platform
Antoine Nazaret (Dailymotion, Vice President)
Keynote Speech 2. Interactive online sports services for young
Celine Shi (Alisports, Vice Chairman)
12:00~13:20 Network Reception (201-202 , Lobby)
13:30-13:50 Semi Keynote Speech(NewCon 2018)
14:00-15:00 Conference Session1(C1).
OTT Streaming
Conference Session4(C4).
NewCon Showcase
(Inside Pavilion)
Conference Session5(C5).
Begin the Origin
15:00-16:30 Conference Session2(C2).
Global Live
Conference Session6(C6).
Beyond the Origin
16:30-16:45 Break(15min)
16:30-16:45 Conference Session3(C3).
Commerce X Tech
Conference Session7(C7).
NewCon Creator 2.0