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Korea Format Alliance
Introduction Korean Format Alliance is an nonprofit organization for discussing Korean formats development, protecting Korean formats rights in global markets and reinforcing international cooperation of Korean formats.
Main roles
  • Sharing main news, trend, insight of domestic and foreign formats industries
  • Seeking international cooperation for protecting Korean formats rights(ex: Plagiarism, International conflict, etc)
  • Seeking ways to strengthen competitiveness of Korean formats
  • Sharing current state of Korean formats business(export formats, co-production, etc.)
No. Company Image Email
1 MBC yencho@mbc.co.kr
2 KBS Media blackhany@kbsmedia.co.kr
3 SBS hsh@sbs.co.kr
4 EBS shoory84@ebs.co.kr
5 CJ ENM jinwoo.hwang@cj.net
Content Hub Co., Ltd.
7 CHANNEL A saga500@donga.com
8 t.cast jiminkim@tcast.tv
9 HB Entertainment hbent@hbentertainment.com
10 Koen Media welcommad@naver.com
11 CENMEDIA sjyun@cenmedia.co.kr
12 IHQ 791004jsk@ihq.co.kr