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Introduction Korean Format Alliance is an nonprofit organization for discussing Korean formats development, protecting Korean formats rights in global markets and reinforcing international cooperation of Korean forma
Main roles · Sharing main news, trend, insight of domestic and foreign formats industries
· Seeking international cooperation for protecting Korean formats rights(ex: Plagiarism, International conflict, etc)
· Seeking ways to strengthen competitiveness of Korean formats
· Sharing current state of Korean formats business(export formats, co-production, etc.)
Company/Logo Email Image
1 skypillar@mbc.co.kr img_0304_01.png
2 hanbyul@kbsmedia.co.kr img_0304_02.png
3 hsh@sbs.co.kr img_0304_03.png
4 snakim@ebs.co.kr img_0304_04.png
5 helena.chang@cj.net img_0304_05.png
6 hyun.hyangdan@jtbc.co.kr img_0304_06.png
7 sooahkim5@gmail.com img_0304_07.png
8 yongmin811@chosun.com img_0304_08.png
9 wpsoh@tcast.tv img_0304_09.png
10 91189@daum.net img_0304_10.png
11 hskwon@cenmedia.co.kr img_0304_11.png
12 hbent@hbentertainment.com
13 www.ihq.co.kr