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International Pitch

Title : $10 to Chef
What does it take to be the best Chef in the world?
<$10 to Chef> shows we put challengers through this extreme and complete test.
A unique cookery competition show, running by 3 different groups of challenger.
This cookery show identifies the winner, round by round, with 3 different methods and unique sets that you've never seen before. Who will be chosen to win $10,000 plus an intern position in one of the best kitchens of the world? The first cooking competition that challenges cooks in the most balanced and dynamic way to finally set the standards of being a great chef.
Korea 2 dI turn
Title : In the house
<In the house>is a survival audition program that top musicians from 4 countries discover new stars only by using the smart phone at their own home. Juries freely examine without reading anyone’s countenance at their home, the most comfortable place, and viewers observe their life with the screening process. World first visit audition <In the house> that the amusement when juries select applicants harmonizes with the sincerity of challengers who wish to be a star. This program will be the most innovative and comfortable experience that the main room of juries, audition participants’ main room, and viewers’ main room are connected all.
Korea 3 RQ Co.,Ltd.
Title : MAking MAster
Build, solve and conquer! The MAking MAster.
The MAking MAster is a show that competes for the best puzzle maker and the best puzzle player. The MAking MAster is organized in two divided chapters, Individual part and team event. Individual part consists in 10 challengers make their own puzzle under the support of mentor and evaluate each other’s puzzle and scores them. And team event progress in participant solving the puzzle which presented in individual part under the 16 mazed room. The condition of scoring depends how would challenger help or block the participants inside the maze room.
Now it’s time for you to find out the feature of The MAking MAster, who is the best puzzle maker
England 1 Wildflame Productions
Title : Shop ‘til You Pop
This studio gameshow fuses Korea’s two favourite past times - SINGING and SHOPPING – into a competitive entertainment extravaganza. In this, Saturday Night Take Away meets Don’t Forget the Lyrics style format, the aim of the game is to win prizes by singing your heart out. Presented by a local star host, this competitive entertainment show is set in a studio with makeshift shopping mall. It sees three pairs of contestants go head to head to win prizes by doing two of their favourite thing – SINGING AND SHOPPING!
England 2 Little Gem
Title : The Hangover Games
Comedian Matt Richardson presents this irreverent doc-game show hybrid that sets hungover Brits challenges, based on the revelries of the previous night (all captured by us). The last thing they want to do is get out of bed–but for the chance of a cash prize (and the glory of winning The Hangover Games), it might just be worth the effort…
Now we’re surprising young Brits WHILE they’ve got hangovers from hell… setting them a series of mischievous challenges, all based on the night before. Each episode will see a group of friends competing for a cash prize-and The Hangover Games trophy.
Turkey 1 NK Productions
Title : The Wall – Street Art of Anarchy
“The Wall -Street Art Anarchy” is an interactive reality street format that applies street art as a tool for communicating views of the street artist, expressing concerns in a bigger scale while serves as a means of urban beautification and regeneration of abandoned neighborhoods of our cities.
Turkey 2 Sera Film Services
Title : Boss Lady
“Boss Lady” is a reality competition show where women contestants with little to no experience take over their husbands’/ partners’ financially distressed business and try to turn them around while competing with each other to make the highest operating profit margin each week, since at the end of each week, the contestant with the lowest operating margin gets eliminated. At the end of the final week, the contestant with the highest operating profit margin for the week becomes the winner of the season and takes home cash prize.
Who will succeed and become The Boss Lady?