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International Pitch

Presentation 1. Armoza Formats [XYZ]
XYZ is a hilarious physical challenge based on the classic “claw” arcade game. Two celebrities compete head to head to grab prizes while harnessed and suspended over a tank split into two sides — one side filled with prizes and the other is filled with slime. Each celebrity has a team of friends who control their movements with a joystick — jerking them left and right, back and forth, up and down! Who will reach the prizes and who will end up covered in SLIME?
Presentation 2. Gil Formats [Good Cop Bad Cop]
'Good Cop Bad Cop' is a new and original Comedy Chat show with a twist. In this studio based feel-good entertainment format, two famous comedians are interviewing celebrities as if they were being interrogated in the 'Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine'. In a studio designed as an interrogation room, the two hosts are interviewing a famous guest, each in his/her turn. The famous person who is interviewed sits in front of a host in what looks like an empty room. Behind a soundproof glass window sits the other host who looks at the interview and takes notes. The first host to interview is the good cop. His/her goal is to get as much information as possible from the personality in a positive way. Then comes the 'bad cop' and tries to get as much information as possible, but this time in an intimidating and aggressive way. At the end of each show, the two hosts sum up the interrogation/interview with their guest – what new elements of the guest celebrity were revealed? Although slightly sinister at first sight, this is a comedy good-hearted show.
Presentation 3. Createit Studio [Young Love]
A new dating show that follows three ordinary single people that were unsuccessful finding love on their own, while they are going on a first date, but there is a twist! This is no ordinary first date. Since so far they have been unsuccessful securing a second date on their own, this time they will have a kid whispering in their ear how to behave and what to say during their date. Introducing “Young Love” – the dating world has been taken over by adorable children, are you ready to fall in love?​
Presentation 4. KOEN MEDIA [Hidden Recipe]
The best domestic chefs try to figure out other's secret recipes with their distinguished sense of taste. The most popular menu without recipes exposed will be the mission. The celebrated chefs have to make the same menu with exactly the same flavour in the studio only by tasting the original dishes. The suspenseful mood flows in the air! The Top Chefs with brilliant sense of taste and experience of years compete to figure out the recipes. Some try their best to make the same menu with absolutely the same taste, while the others recreate totally brand new upgraded menu which surprise the orignal chef himself! You’ll be definitely surprised at ‘what more the chefs are able to do’. Only by watching this competition with super simple but creative recipes presented by the chefs will be extremely entertaining to 50 million Korean audiences, more that that, from now they can even make the same menu by themselves at home!
Presentation 5. AKATV [Before Something Rises]
People dream of romance that occurs at an unfamiliar travel destination. like you can see in dramas and movies. Romance in Before Something Rises is more than just randomly looking for a man or a woman to go on a date with. It is intended to meet your ideal type, and share the same tastes. In order to find true love, participants(4 males, and 4 females) spend 2 days and 1 night. Also, it is expected that the participants can experience local culture.
Presentation 6. TOR International [The Middle Kingdom]
In modern society, when the 4th industrial revolution is at its peak, the most important value is ‘cooperation’. Many years ago the concept of ‘collaboration economy’ was introduced and since then it has become more important for people to collaborate to meet the end goal. Now it has become a time where not just one person can do everything alone. What defines the strongest people is the ability to stand together as one. With this concept, is a survival format created to be, not about ‘you’ or ‘me’, but about ‘us’ to attain victory.


Iljoong Kim
(Director of Creative Oasis Lab, SBS)
Linfield Ng
(Director of Format Sales and Production Liaison, NBCU International Formats)
So Fujinuma
(Director Worldwide Production and Business Development Department Fuji Television Network, Inc.)