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Business Meeting Registration Guide

BROADCAST WORLDWIDE 2019 (BCWW 2019) is providing Business Meeting Application System for effective business meetings.
We expect that this interactive arrangement system will maximize business opportunities at BCWW 2019

Classicifation Details
Business Meeting
Application Period
※ Exhibitor : July 15(Mon) ~ Aug 11(Sun), 2019
※ Participant Exhibitor : Aug 1(Thu) ~ 14(Wed), 2019
Participant Pre-registered Buyers and Sellers
The access to online DB will be still available after Business Meeting Application deadline
Special Note You may arrange the detailed meeting schedule individually via e-mail after Business Meeting Application

How to register Business Meeting

STEP 1. Register website and login Register on BCWW 2019 website
STEP 2. Register Business Meeting as a buyer/seller Register detailed information for business meeting
STEP 3. Check registered exhibitor,
apply business meeting
Check list for registered exhibition companies and detailed information. Also apply business meeting
STEP 4. Check business meeting status of requested meetings Checking status of requested meetings and schedule for Business meeting
STEP 5. Arrange a meeting Arrange a meeting individually via e-mail
STEP 6. Business meeting Have business meetings based on Business meeting schedule
August 21, 2019 – August 23, 2019

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