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: Admin : 2017-08-26

[BCWW 2017] International Cultural Exchange Thru Co-Production on August 31 14:00-15:15

International Cultural Exchange Thru Co-Production

If you are looking for well-prepared Korean partners for co-production of TV programs including broadcasters and independent producers, you should not miss this event where you can see how KOCCA-sponsored international co-production projects are performed and what supports KOCCA provides. Here you can also find well-made TV documentaries produced as results of this project that can attract international audience.

ㅇ Date : Thursday, August 31, 14:00-15:15

ㅇ Venue : BCWW Event Stage, Hall B
ㅇ Participants
   - Korea : KBS, MBC, Chosun Broadcsting Corp., Arirang TV, SkyTV
   - International : America TV(Peru), Al Arabia(UAE), National Association of Electronic Mass Media(Uzbekistan), CTV9(Cambodia), Cultura TV(Brazil), LTV(Latvia)
ㅇ Program




14:00~14:03 (03‘)



Presentation 1 What We Did in 2016

14:03~14:13 (10‘)

Korean Food & K-pop, Delicious Concert

Arirang TV-America TV

14:13~14:23 (10‘)

Breath of Tradition

SkyTV-Al Arabia


Presentation 2 What We Doing in 2017

14:25~14:35 (10‘)

Water Talks

KBS-Cultra TV

14:35~14:45 (10‘)

Challenge of Frozen Kingdom

Chosun Broadcasting Corp.-LTV

14:45~15:15 (30‘)

Finger Food Networking

* Note. The program is subject to change. 

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